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All Natural Botanicals

In a report published by the World Health Organization, CBD has been deemed ‘safe and well tolerated in humans’. Nature’s best kept will help to stabilize sleeping patterns, supplement weight loss, and create holistic bodily balance.

The Truth About CBD

CBD is a non-psychoactive miracle medicine plant with a wide array of healing properties. Safe to use for medicinal purposes, it will not get you high. It will help you to heal, release stresses and recenter.

Full Spectrum Organic Hemp

Certified pure organic and lab tested, BOL’s CBD products are made with farm fresh hemp.Our products have no lab created isolates, artificial additives or chemicals.


“The experience was so peaceful and so necessary; I went in feeling anxiety, stress, frustration and left feeling like I just got back from a relaxing week in Hawaii.”

Jessica W of Los Angeles, CA

“Totally allowed me to detach from the outside world and connect with my inner self. Definitely recommended.”

Federico C of Los Angeles.

“HIGHLY recommend for anyone looking for a new experience, a way to relax, and/or to recharge!”

Anthony L of San Francisco.

“I think they are demystifying the whole meditation thing and making it accessible for everyone. Good job, BOL!”

Jeanne R of Calabasas, CA.

“Meditation is the new Yoga... Get ready to have your mind cleaned.”

Guillaume Z. of Beverly Hills, CA


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