Art of Letting Go

When negotiating life’s twists and turns, it’s easy to get bogged down by our past experiences and things that have gone wrong in our lives. Fear and worry can be the main drivers of our existence and, without us realizing it, they can slowly destroy our happiness and our health.

Learning the art of letting go is the answer to living a fulfilling and productive life. This doesn’t mean not acknowledging the trials and tribulations of our own reality. Quite the contrary, it means reflecting on them in a way that helps us to digest what has happened, extract the life lessons, and then put them behind us.

Koi Fresco is a rising Spiritual Teacher and educator in Buddhism, Hinduism & other eastern philophies and soul practices. Only 24 years of age, Koi is already the published author of 2 books, A (Not So) Enlightened Youth & The Meditation Manual which has sold tens of thousands of copies worldwide.

45 Minutes

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